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This strain seems to offer a balanced experience, providing both a stimulating and relaxing sensation.


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Haze Berry Automatic represents a sativa-dominant evolution of the renowned Haze Berry strain, now with autoflowering capabilities thanks to the expertise of our breeders. Through meticulous crossbreeding with a high-quality ruderalis variety, we’ve made growing this energizing beauty more accessible and quicker than ever before.

Origins and Legacy of Haze Berry Automatic Originating from Afghani genetics and thriving in the hemp haven of California, Haze Berry has long been celebrated in the global hemp community for its potent terpene profile and invigorating effects. With the introduction of autoflowering genetics, Haze Berry Automatic carries on this esteemed lineage while simplifying the cultivation process.

Effects and Flavor Profile of Haze Berry Automatic True to its heritage, Haze Berry Automatic inherits the characteristic sativa-driven experience of its predecessor, Haze Berry (often likened to the renowned Blue Dream strain). Its effects gently elevate central nervous system activity, providing a subtle yet manageable boost ideal for periodic consumption throughout the day. Much like a revitalizing cup of coffee, Haze Berry Automatic offers a light stimulation that enhances mental clarity and creativity without overwhelming the senses.

The flavor profile of Haze Berry Automatic mirrors the delectable taste of Blue Dream, boasting luscious hints of sugary sweetness and fruity undertones. This delightful aroma is underpinned by elevated levels of myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene, culminating in a sensory experience that captivates the palate.

Cultivating Haze Berry Automatic With its user-friendly nature, Haze Berry Automatic is an excellent choice for novice growers or those with limited time for cultivation. Ready for harvest in just 10 weeks from germination and reaching a manageable height of approximately 100cm, this strain offers a hassle-free growing experience. Indoors, Haze Berry Automatic yields a moderate harvest, while outdoor cultivation in garden beds or containers typically results in yields ranging from 80 to 150 grams per plant.

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