El Patron

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This award-winning, well-balanced hybrid is beloved by chefs and enthusiasts alike.


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Navigating the realm of hemp seeds can be uncertain terrain. Yet, certain indicators can shed light on a strain’s quality, even in the absence of firsthand experience. One such indicator is accolades, and El Patron stands tall as a proven winner. Securing first place for “Common Hemp Cultured in Soil” at the esteemed Highlife Cup, judged by a panel of verified hemp experts, El Patron boasts a genuine seal of approval.

Growing Characteristics of El Patron Robust and adaptable, El Patron flourishes in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its indica lineage shines through in its growth pattern—compact stature with abundant lateral growth. Taming its exuberance is easily achieved through techniques like topping and low-stress training (LST). Both indoor and outdoor cultivation yields a moderate harvest.

Effect, Flavor, and Aroma of El Patron The offspring of the union between AMG and Shiva, El Patron inherits a diverse cannabinoid profile and fruity terpenes. AMG, a sativa-dominant hybrid, delivers invigorating effects, while Shiva, an indica strain, offers cardamom notes and therapeutic sensations. The resulting hybrid boasts 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics, striking a harmonious balance.

El Patron occupies the coveted middle ground between the energizing effects of sativa and the soothing embrace of indica. Upon inhalation, expect an initial cerebral stimulation—neurons firing, heightened alertness, and a surge of creativity. This euphoric state gradually transitions into a serene bodily relaxation, fostering introspection and contemplation. Versatile in its effects, El Patron is suitable for any time of day, ideal for social gatherings or moments of solitary reflection.

Renowned among hemp enthusiasts and chefs alike, El Patron’s flowers exude potent citrus and kush aromas, lending themselves perfectly to culinary creations. Whether infused into cakes, brownies, or other sweet recipes, its flavorful essence elevates any culinary experience.

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