Cosmos F1

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Meet Cosmos F1, a groundbreaking CBD hemp seed that embodies the essence of sativa genetics and F1 hybrid vigor.


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Cosmos F1 stands tall as the largest autoflowering cultivar in our esteemed catalogue of F1 hybrids. Sporting the iconic Christmas tree structure and resplendent with bright green foliage, Cosmos F1 epitomizes the vitality and allure of Hemp sativa. Derived from the esteemed lineage of a CBD sensation strain originating in Oregon, Cosmos F1 proudly offers the highest CBD concentration among our entire selection of F1 seeds.

Aromas, Flavors, and Effects of Cosmos F1: A Symphony of CBD Delight

True to its illustrious lineage, Cosmos F1 envelops the senses with a delightful aroma reminiscent of fresh pine forests entwined with the luscious, creamy notes found in modern Cookies varieties. A hint of peppery zest adds complexity to its bouquet. With a CBD-dominant profile and minimal levels of other cannabinoids, Cosmos F1 delivers a harmonious, non-intoxicating experience. The terpene symphony of myrcene, farnesene, limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene contributes to a clear-headed, meditative state that soothes the body while sharpening mental acuity. Cosmos F1’s effects foster a holistic unity of mind and body, guiding users into a state of cosmic equilibrium.

Growing Cosmos F1: Sativa Majesty with F1 Precision

Harnessing the unmatched uniformity and stability inherent in F1 hybrid seeds, Cosmos F1 emerges as a beacon of strength and consistency. Exhibiting robust hybrid vigor, each plant mirrors the next in height and structure, proudly showcasing the signature tall, elongated stature typical of its sativa heritage. With an automatic flowering mechanism, Cosmos F1 matures swiftly, reaching harvest readiness a mere 80 days post-germination. At this juncture, its numerous bud sites burgeon with lengthy, ethereal flowers, a testament to its pure F1 lineage.

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1 seed, 3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, 25 seeds

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